Puir wee mulie

Like so many of us, it doesn't look half as cool with its clodes off.

(More: rear, gunched-up tire.)

The adjuster has created headaches for everyone by nickel-and-diming -- he left off all sorts of bits that he knew about, like the tire, interior glass cleanup for the safety of the repair guys, and IIRC even the windshield itself. As if you could miss that. The collision guys and I can't figure out if he's a crook or just a flake. He nearly hosed up my interview by failing to update my rental agreement. (The interview was on the arsenal, and the visitor center there needed an unexpired rental contract.)

Anyway, no thanks to the adjuster, the car might be done soon. I thought I'd get it back today, but instead I got a cryptic SMS from my brother about "flat spotted cv joints". If doesn't come home by Wednesday I get to start walking to work. :/ Yay, exercise?

One less thing

I just found out that I was admitted to UAH almost two weeks ago. And they're still going to take me, even though I apparently didn't put Alex's apartment number on the application form.

One less thing to worry about!

Criminal mind

I'm doing something right now that I think is kind of hilariously sad -- I just came in from the car, and I noticed this dude on the porch two doors up the street, holding a beer and watching me like a hawk as I took a couple of trips to get my stuff inside. Then I realized, adoi, that I was carrying the boxes from two enormous iMacs. I've been a moving box magpie lately, and thought they'd be perfect for winter clothes or blankets. So I made a point of leaving both boxes in the middle of the front lawn for a while, just to make it clear that they are boxes. I'll bring them inside after a while.

I realize that this is probably nothing, and the dude might just have been curious about brightly dressed me taking large objects out of a silly car. I mean, he's Edwin's friend, so that may well be the limit of his functionality anyway. Except for the part where a different Edwin's friend tried to make off with my golf clubs once when I left them on my front walk just long enough to ferry something else inside. Anyway, let's assume it's nothing, so I'm wondering whether I'll always think this way even if I move to the suburbs. Even if I move to freaking Harvest, AL. I'd like to be deeply shocked if I ever have another car stolen, instead of feeling just a tinge of relief every time it's there in the morning.


I took some really, really bad third-hand advice and tried to rehydrate a neglected bag of porcelain clay by soaking it in a washtub in the bathroom.

The clay is back in the bag, but now my hallway is completely covered in little baby-powder catprints.


I held this back because I had various opportunities to tell people in person, but it's been too long:

Alex and I are engaged! He asked me while we were on vacation, the evening after the shuttle launch.

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So I want to look at my phone bill, and when I hit the login button I get a 404 error.

Even after five years, it feels weird not to be able to do anything about it.

Woot, vacation.

Alex and I are back home after a week in Florida. We were originally just supposed to go down for the shuttle launch, but eventually we decided to take the whole week.

I'm so, so, so glad to have seen a launch. Wish I'd gone years ago. We had tickets to sit on the lawn of the Astronaut Hall of Fame, 12 miles away from the pad. You have to get there 4 hours early, which for us meant 2:30am, and yet somehow they kept us awake and entertained. Just before the launch, we watched the ISS pass over. Since it was close to sunrise, the station was visible to the bare eye. Then the launch, which, well, you should go. The next one's on May 14. Alex and I stuck around for about an hour afterward, watching the sunrise through the shuttle's trail.

Other than that... hm. Lots of long walks on the beach (sic). We rode a Jetski around the Eau Gallie river near Melbourne -- I deemed this "terrifun" and was a bit stumbly afterward because I'd worked so hard to hang on with my knees. I'd like to try driving sometime, and I wish we'd also had time to find a sailboat. Alex sails, but I've never been on anything bigger than a Sunfish. Wednesday we went back to KSC and took the bus tour around the base, which included stops at the ISS Center and an observation gantry close to several launch platforms. Oh, and parts of the trip paralleled the crawler road. Since we were finishing Cloud Atlas on the trip, I'll submit that the crawler road was whoah hugesome.

From Kennedy, we headed down to Fort the-Meyers. Met V (Five? Hughlet? Bud? HAMVEE?), toodled around Sanibel and the Edison-Ford garden to keep out of Hugh's hair while he was workin'. Made a point of watching the sunset on Captiva, since we'd seen Monday's sunrise on Merritt. Demonstrated Dominion for Hugh in the evenings -- maybe we'll hook you in June, Angela, if Hugh doesn't buy it before then -- and spent some quality time with an Enomatic and a cheese board at the Meyers' favored wine shop.

Then brunch, then Tifton (where I was saddled with a supernumerary bougainvillea), then home, slightly darker for our troubles.